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Sugar Gliders

A few of the Sugar Gliders that have come in and will be living in our home.


Tent Time




Coco the Gecko

Coco came to us very underweight and missing some toes.  We are currently trying to get her weight up, but she just isn't a very aggressive hunter.

Update,  Little Miss Coco just can't hunt herself, she needs to be fed with tweezers to insure she is eating.  She will be staying with us the remainder of her life.  She has trouble keeping weight on, so we have been feeding her extra treats of horn worms and wax worms.  It seems to be helping.

Little Bucky Sugar Glider

Little Bucky came in after his his mate of 4 years past away, he was in need of company.  He has some hair loss due to the stress.  And he was a bit under weight.  Once he gets his coat back fully and his weight is up we are hoping to get him in a home with a companion!

Moluccan Cockatoo and Congo Grey

Rita and Howard are in their 30's  and bonded, they shared a cage for most of their lives.  Rita the cockatoo is a mutilator.  She plucks and as a large sore on her chest.  She will need someone who is experienced in parrots, and experienced in this type of issue.  Howard does not like to be touched. We call him a crabby lil man!!  If you feel you have the experience needed, time and patience for Rita, please send me and email and tell me of your experience.


RIP Rita 

Howard has found a new home


Ethel Congo Grey



Ethel was a breeder bird.  Her mate plucked her and was overly protective of her.  She came in with scissor beak,  We had one session with a fellow rescue to help get her beak fixed, she will need another session in a few weeks.  We are hoping she can get some of her feathers back, I have been giving her daily mists with Aloe Juice to help soothe her skin.  She is afraid of hands, and will do the famous GREY growl when near by.  Ethel will need a home that will be patient and work with her.



Updated picture August 2010


Ethel's First Beak Trim!

Ethel Has since passed away.

RIP Ethel


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