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Here are some items we are in need of:

 Large Bird Cages for Conures to Macaw*

Bird Toys

Parrot Pellets 

Parrot Perches all sizes (pedi perches or wooden)*

 Baby Keys, Rattles, and Baby Links

Foraging toys

Cotton rope


Orbs and Atoms 

Cargo Nets for climbing

Bleach/poop off spray/ vinegar

Aspen bedding/ Pine Bedding

Sterlite Bins

Water bottles

Vet wrap (to wrap PVC pipes to make play stands)

Play stands (store bought, handmade, plastic or wood)*

Gas cards (as we travel for pick ups and such)*

Pet store gift cards*

Meijer/walmart cards* (we feed fresh veggies/fruits)

Mixed nuts *

Aloe Juice used for the pluckers that come in*

Herb salad

 I may have left off a few items, feel free to ask if the items you have in mind are usable to us.  We do accept used items as long as they are in working condition.  Sometimes we sell our extra items, like cages and such when a pet is adopted, the money from these items always is used for the rescue, either for medical care or fresh foods.



We accept donations via paypal to help cover food, cages, toys and vet costs

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