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A few of our Successful Placements

I wanted to add stories of ALL of our adoptions, but I just don't have the space for that.  So I chose the stories that I thought no one would adopt, or the ones that were emergencies and had us in a crunch.  So, here's hoping these stories put a smile on your face like they do me :)

Scootie The Coatimundi Finds a Home

I received an email, that this sweet faced Coati, needed a home. I got on the internet and the phone with some of my WONDERFUL connections, and we were able to get Mr. Scootie on a rescue transportation railroad, to his new home in Florida.  Where he will live on 3 acres, get a health check and a neuter from the vet...and live out the rest of his life! All within 48 hours!  Everyone responded fast and efficiently and I would like to thank you all!

 I received an update on Mr. Scootie!  He has been to the vet and is getting treated for a severe infection, and as soon as it clears up, he will be getting neutered.


Snakes Found Homes

Another rescue contacted me and was in need of finding SEVEN snakes a home.  She contacted me to take in 4 of them.  There wasn't enough supplies for all the snakes, and I didn't have extras, so we had to come home and do some emergency contact calling.  Again, everyone called on were happy to  help, and all four snakes in my care were in homes within 72 hours.   A huge thanks to all my reptile buddies out there!

This is one of my reptile friends who took home one of the four snakes.


JoJo The Quaker

Ahh...Our little Jojo the Quaker.  She was a complete joy to have here, my daughter loved her to pieces. When she arrived here she had a very large fatty tumor near her vent.  She needed a diet change.  So during her stay here, we got her from seeds to pellet and fresh veggies.  We started her on fresh sprouts, which I had a volunteer and fellow bird lover help sprout for me.  And I want to send my thanks out to her!! Jojos weight and tumor went down, and she was ready for her new home.  She is currently in her new home and doing wonderful.  I love getting updates from my adopters.  She is also waiting to adopt a second Quaker from me!

You can see here Miss JoJos tumor.

 Latest update on JoJo...she is happy in her home doing wonderfully.  Her tumor is so small you can barely tell she has one!  Thank you to her new momma, for caring and taking the time to give her proper care!  We need more adopters like her!

Mrs. Beasley the Cockatiel

Mrs. Beasley came to me from a frustrated owner.  Mrs. Beasleys' cage mates were picking on her and pulling feathers.  She came here afraid of hands and didn't step up well at all.  After her quarantine, I found an adopter willing to work with her, and from my last update, was enjoying stepping up on her childrens' fingers, and singing and talking like crazy!

Other Adoptions

Here are some miscellaneous pictures of past adoptions.


 Here are a few of the Quakers that have been here.


Medium and Large Birds











Small Birds








 Here is just a select few of the small birds we have placed in homes.








Just a few of the rats we rescued from being snake food









 Most of the other *furries* we have found homes for in the past. 


Iguanas and Tortoise





King Snake 



My daughter with a surrendered Snake



A few of the snakes that were surrendered.  

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